Production, Script, Poetry, Direction
Françoise Lavoie-Pilote

Technical Team
Interactive System Design, Technical direction, Multimedia, Direction, Programing and Staging: Marc-André Baril
Assistant Technical Director: Daryl Hubert
Electronic Design: Véronic Dufour
Set and Props: Guillaume Couture
Set and Props Assistants: Véronic Dufour, Samuel Gagnon-Tremblay, Sébastien Pilon

Film Crew
Associate Director: Olivier Trudel Languedoc
Photo Direction: Jonathan de Coste and Françoise Lavoie-Pilote
Photo Direction assistants: David Béland, Daniel Savoie
Recording: Jonathan Dubuc
Artistic Direction: Guillaume Couture, Laurence Pasteels
Set and Props: Guillaume Couture, Laurence Pasteels
Casting : Anik Pion
Actors: Isabelle Lapointe, Stéphanie Lapointe, Guillaume Perreault, Camille Coté Desmarais
Makeup: Amélie Bruneau-Longpré
Stylist: Marie-Claude Guay, Laurence Pasteels

Post-production – 6ixdegrés
Coordination : Myriam Aubin Decary
Off-line Editing: Valérie Mantha
On-line Editing: Guillaume Choquette
Visual Effects: Patrick Légaré

Sound Design and Mixing: André Éric Létourneau
Programming and Sound Design: Daniel Courville
Voice Recording Engineer: Clovis Gouallier, Luc Raymond
Sound Engineer: Guillaume Arsenault, Stéphane Claude
Music: Benjamin Muon, André Éric Létourneau
Musicians: André Éric Létourneau (grand piano, electronics, analogue synthesizers, cut-ups, voice), Magali Boutlillier(voice), Jojosun Only (grand piano, electronics)

Proofreading: Stéphanie Bilodeau
Photography: Marie-Claude Hamel, Leitmotiv Studio
Web Site: Jean-Maxime Couillard

A great thanks to all my collaborators who invested time and love in this project.
Thanks to Marc-André Baril and Guillaume Couture for believing in the project and for supporting me throughout this long journey.
Thanks to Laurence Pasteels and Thierry de Greef for kindly sharing their house. Thank you for receiving us with good humor.
Thanks to Véronic Dufour, Samuel Gagnon-Tremblay, Christelle Bellini, Hugo Desmeules, Vincent Pasquier.
Thanks to OBORO for its support and above all, for believing in the project.
Thank you, Sébastien Pilon!!!

Our most sincere aknowledgements to our three partners—the Audiovisual Service and the School of Media at UQAM, 6ixdegres, Rouge Cactus—who made possible Océan MOTEL possible.

Thanks to Daniel Leblanc, Charles Gaudreault, Jean-François Lessard, Loïc Guyot, Guy Gendron, Dany Beaupré, and Robert Chrétien for their moral and financial support.



École des Médias - UQAM